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Inphastos, a cutting edge construction technology company, is expanding its operations to address surging demand for its turnkey technology platform by Developers and Builders. The company has announced plans to be operational within 90 days to expand its digitally-driven service and manufacturing operations in the high-growth Grand Rapids region.

The Inphastos platform provides Developers and Builders unprecedented levels of efficiency, enabling them to deliver sorely-needed residential and mid-rise housing units much faster than traditional methods.

“Developers and Builders everywhere face longstanding productivity and labor issues, and Grand Rapids is no exception’” said Paul Bandrowski, CEO and Founder of Inphastos. “We have experienced so much demand for our services from Grand Rapids that it was a natural choice for us. We are excited to bring a new level of technology-enabled construction efficiency to the region.”

Inphastos’ platform re-engineers the end-end construction process to dramatically reduce build time, lower costs, and ensure predictable quality and schedule integrity. The company’s technology platform combines 3D design modeling, digitally-driven offsite manufacturing, and onsite assembly of components in an integrated system that results in completion of the building envelope structure in days instead of weeks.

The company is in the final stages of a Grand Rapids location selection aligned to its minimal
footprint, low capital expenditure model. The new facility will complement Inphastos’ existing
operations and corporate R&D center in Traverse City.