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Inphastos, a cutting edge construction technology company, has assembled a fully-framed three story, 2600 square foot new home in one day.  Beginning from a bare foundation, the Inphastos crew installed its factory-built components and secured the roof at the end of the day at a residential jobsite in Ada, Michigan.

The project was a demonstration of the innovative capability Inphastos offers its customers – residential and light commercial Developers and Builders – who recognize traditional, inefficient build methods are no longer effective.  An evaporating labor pool of skilled workers and unsustainable cost escalation is forcing them to seek productivity solutions powered by Inphastos.

“This is a strategic milestone accomplishment for Inphastos and a vivid illustration of the remarkable efficiencies we enable by digitizing and re-engineering the entire end-end process,” said Paul Bandrowski, CEO and Founder of Inphastos.  “The astounding speed you witness on the jobsite is made possible by the turnkey technology platform we are building.”

Inphastos’ technology platform combines estimating algorithms, 3D design modeling, digitally-driven offsite manufacturing, and onsite assembly of components in an integrated system that results in completion of the building envelope structure in days instead of several weeks.  The Inphastos platform provides Developers and Builders unprecedented levels of efficiency, enabling them to deliver sorely-needed residential and mid-rise housing units much faster than traditional methods.

The 1-day build also highlighted the increased jobsite safety made possible by Inphastos.  While the install crew was assembling the floor cassettes, walls, and stairs that were delivered from its offsite production facility, a separate crew was building the roof cassette onsite on the ground.  This method eliminates dangerous falling hazards associated with standard roof building practice.  When complete, the Inphastos roof assembly was lifted into place by a mechanical crane in minutes.