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The Inphastos platform is a comprehensive solution
to the longstanding, systemic inefficiencies restraining the fabrication of low to mid-rise buildings in North America. Traditional construction in the US is executed using a process that hasn’t fundamentally changed since the 1800’s. During that same period, every other major industrial sector has successfully innovated and reinvented itself, some more than once.
Faster ᛫ Better ᛫ Cheaper ᛫ Safer ᛫ Sustainable

An integrated system.

In conjunction with proprietary software tools and computer-controlled hardware, Inphastos is leveraging the same types of cutting-edge technologies used by automotive and aerospace manufacturers to launch the construction industry into the next century.

This drastically increased certainty of results enables unparalleled productivity that ultimately benefits the developer, builder, and owner by providing higher quality building at more affordable costs.